This site gives no hint about landfill waste as A.D. Compound’s products are recyclable and made with recycled materials.
Every kg of virgin raw material releases 1,5 kg of CO2*emissions. A.D. Compound products are made with industrial waste, drastically cutting down such emissions along with water consumption and waste production.
A.D. Compound uses electric power certified for zero greenhouse gas emissions**, preventing 0,4 kg of CO2 being released for every kWh consumed***.
Purchasing our products is helping the planet. In 2019, we cut down CO2 emissions by 46.430.383 kg!

*Fonte IO;P Environ. Res. Lett. 12 (2017) 034024
**Certificato / Certificate No.: ØE-1843.003-2018-ITA
***Enel; sustainability report 2017